Everything you need to know about the WAGMI Games Franchise


What is the WAGMI Games mission?

Our mission is to disrupt the traditional app store gaming industry, return the power back into the gamer’s hands and become the leading Web3 gaming franchise on the mobile app stores.

Who is the team behind WAGMI Games?

The WAGMIGAMES core team consists of 6 developers that are leading the project, including an established team of game developers, visual artists and advisors. More information can be found in the company Whitepaper.

What is the roadmap for WAGMI Games for the next 12 months?

The WAGMI Games team is working tirelessly to launch and further develop their first title “WAGMI Defense”, while at the same time initiate the development of the second franchise title. More information can be found in the company Roadmap.

Why is the company focused on Mobile Games?

Mobile gaming is estimated to account for 51% of the global gaming market with a revenue of $103.5B in 2022. The explosive growth in this sector made the team’s decision to focus primarily on Mobile and secondarily on Desktop/PC users fairly obvious for long-term success.

How can I learn more about the first game, WAGMI Defense?

All the information surrounding the franchise’s first title “WAGMI Defense” can be found at wagmidefense.com

Does WAGMI Games own all the intellectual property?

WAGMI Games has designed and created everything from the ground floor, including branding, lore, characters, marketing templates and graphics. All Intellectual Property (I.P.) is owned by WAGMI Games which opens the road for valuable partnerships, collaborations and affiliations in the future.

How can I interact with the #WAGMI community or ask questions?

The WAGMI community is interacting daily in the official Telegram and Discord channels. Additional information can be found in our Twitter account which includes a LinkTree with all official links.


What is the token’s utility?

The $WAGMIGAMES token is the main in-game utility token for WAGMI Defense. It may be used to enter skill-based battles with entry fees, access special section of the Shop and acts as “serum” when fusing Human with Alien cards. More than that, the utility of the token includes Token Locking, Governance and in-game purchases. More information can be found in the company Whitepaper.

How do I buy $WAGMIGAMES? 

You may currently trade $WAGMIGAMES on Uniswap, 1-inch and Digifinex. More centralized exchanges will be introduced as the game launch draws closer.

What is a wallet and how do I create one?

A wallet is a secure place to own and store your digital assets. We recommend either the Metamask or GameStop Wallet to get started. They are both browser extensions that allow you to easily interact with the ERC-20 network.

What is the current tax for buying and selling the token?

Currently, buy and sell tax is set at 5%. There is no transfer tax between wallets. The buy and sell taxes will be removed after T1 Centralized Exchange listings have been accomplished.

Which exchanges is WAGMI Games currently listed on?

WAGMI Games is currently listed on Uniswap and 1-Inch (DeFi exchanges), as well as Digifinex (Centralized exchange). You may use either to acquire and trade the $WAGMIGAMES token.

What is the max wallet that’s allowed?

Max wallet size is 5% which ends up being 110B tokens per wallet.

How can I lock my tokens?

Token locking is not yet enabled. Once token locking has begun, holders will be able to use a custom dashboard to lock their tokens and perform various missions and quests in order to claim rewards. Token locking is one of the utilities of the WAGMIGAMES token.

How can I partake in the Governance of the token?

Governance is currently unavailable but will be in the future. Governance is the act of casting a vote towards a community and whatever the result is, must be followed. There will be a specific URL for governance when it becomes available. The more $WAGMIGAMES you hold, the more voting power you hold.