2023 roadmap

WAGMI Defense

✅  Pre-Register the WAGMI Defense app on the official App Stores
✅  Launch a new and improved WAGMIDEFENSE.COM website
✅  Launch WAGMI Defense BETA on the official App Store
✅  Onboard Guilds, Gaming DAOs and NFT Communities to WAGMI Defense
✅  Full Public Launch of WAGMI Defense
✅  Introduce Wagering Arenas and 6-figure prize tournaments
✅  Introduce Card Fusion & Nephilim Race
✅  Continued development of WAGMI Defense with over 350 unique assets

WAGMI Studios

✅  Further develop WAGMI Studios and use our Motion Capture Technology to create viral social media content
✅  Utilize the MoCap versions of the characters to create co-branded educational campaigns with Immutable & GameStop 


✅  ​Release Token Locking & Governance utilities
✅  List on all Tier 1 Exchanges 

WAGMI Games Franchise
✅  Commence aggressive marketing campaign across Google, Twitch, Twitter, YouTube and App Stores
✅  Release the next Volumes of the NiFe Wars Comics
✅  Become the world’s leading Web 3.0 mobile gaming franchise